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done. function DumpPhotoInfo() 'This function is used to display basic info for the photo { 'FullPath is a global that contains the filename to the 'the full size version of the image being displayed Image.OpenImageFile(FullPath); Response.Write(""); DL("Make", "Make"); DL("Model", "Model"); DL("Software", "Software"); DL("Focal", "Focal Length"); DL("ExpProg", "Program"); DL("ISO", "ISO"); DL("Flash", "Flash"); DL("WhiteBal", "White Balance"); DL("s", "Shutter"); DL("f", "Aperture"); DL("ExpBias", "Exposure Bias"); DL("Focus", "Focus"); DL("Lens", "Lens"); DL("Meter", "Meter"); DL("Sharpness", "Sharpness"); DL("ImageAdj", "Image Adjust"); DL("Res", "Resolution"); DL("Qual", "Compression"); DL("Date", "Date"); Response.Write("
"); } function DL(ShortName, Desc) // Worker for DumpPhotoInfo { var Value; Value = Image.GetExif(ShortName); if (Value > "") { Response.Write(""); Response.Write("" + Desc + ""); Response.Write(""); Response.Write(Server.HTMLEncode(Value) + ""); Response.Write(""); } } %>