House Rules


No Smoking

Because the house is a protected old building, fire regulations prohibit smoking inside the house. Building contains sensitive smoke detectors. Be careful when cooking not to cause fire alarm.

Restrictions of liability

Kuninga Apartments is not responsible for theft, damage or injury. Management will not be responsible for lost property.


Pets are not allowed.

Check-in and check-out

Reserved rooms are available to the guests from 13:00. Check-out is at 11:00. Please arrange check-out with personnel.


Kuninga Apartments is in the city center, please be careful and lock all doors at all times. Guests receive a set of keys to their room (and some rooms: the front door) and the gate on arrival. Lost keys will be charged for.

Quiet after 22:00

There are no restrictions as to what time guests can come and go and if guests are coming in late from a night out, then it is just the common courtesy of being quiet when entering. Please, no loud parties!


We have no room service. When the stay is longer than week (seven days) the room will be cleaned once a week. For any other needs please ask and we will try to help you.


The nearest parking-lot is at Vabaduse Väljak, which is about 250 meters from Kuninga Apartments.


Please remember that Kuninga Apartments is a historical site and does not have elevators. Large pieces of luggage have to be carried 2 or more floors and carried by the guest. The building contains narrow stairways.


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